The castor factory seeds (Ricinus communisL.) or Eranda is an imperishable shrub used for treating colorful affections. Castor factory has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, liver guarding, and colorful other medicinal parcels. Castor canvas or eranda taila (Aranda canvas) is uprooted from castor sap is a veritably good laxative, anti-seditious, and cures skin problems.
It’s largely recommended to use this canvas only sometimes for constipation. Although there are numerous medicinal use of different parts of this factory then are some of them that can be used at home without any side effects, if taken in recommended boluses.

Health remedies of castorFor treatment of Jaundice and liver-related problems, Fresh leaves of the castor factory have hepatoprotective action i.e. it protects liver damage. In case of hostility in the original stage, use a fresh splint of the factory to cure it. For every this take 4-5 gm of leaves and grind them. Add this to boiling water and make a decoction and drink twice a day. Or take 4-5 gm of leaves and prize its juice, blend with water and drink twice a day. This can also be used during gestation.

Antioxidant goods Its seed excerpt has a strong antioxidant effect.
Cracked heels, rough skin, and hyperactive saturation Massage with castor canvas.
Vexation in eyes due to dust Put 2-3 drops of castor canvas in eyes to clean the dust.

Piles Mix desi Kapoor in eight times lukewarm castor canvas. Use this canvas to clean knobs after bowel. This gives relief from swelling, pain, and regular use helps to dry the knobs.

Inflammation, swelling due to arthritis Massage with any pain reliving canvas. Also take many castor leaves and toast them, put in cloth and tie on the affected area at night before sleeping and remove in morning

Habitual stomach pain Take lukewarm water, add 2 tbsp of castor canvas, bomb juice and drink. Regular use cures habitual stomach pain. For pain due to gastric trouble blend castor canvas with adulation and massage on the stomach. Sciatica pain and backache Grind castor kernel in milk and drink to relieve sciatica pain and backacheHabitual Constipation and Bleeding from the gums take 1 teaspoonful of castor canvas with milk at bedtime.

Contraceptive effect Take one castor seed to help gestation. It’s said one seed helps gestation for one time. Bone cancer For bone cancer in the original stage do the following.
Massage bone with castor canvas.
Castor seeds cataplasm is prepared by grinding seeds, adding water, spreading on cloth which is applied to the skin.
Castor seeds cataplasm gives relief from common lump and pain in gout, arthritis, and rheumatism


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